Health Career Resources – Tips to Learning About Health Care Careers

It is good to look at health career resources, whether you are finishing high school or considering a career change. There is a large variety of jobs in the health care field. There are careers that involve direct care to patients, there is research, there are dietary related health careers and for those who would prefer not to deal directly with people there are jobs and careers in record keeping and billing. And these are just a few suggestions. There are many, many jobs and careers in the health care field.

Where to look for health career resources. A good place to start looking for the types of health care careers that are available is the newspaper classified ads. You are not looking for a job as such, but for ideas of position that might interest you. This might also give you some idea of the earning possibilities of those position that might interest you.

Another place to look is the local library. Look for journals for medically related professionals. There are nursing journals. There are physician journals. There are journals for x-ray department career specialists. And the list goes on and on. Again look at the help wanted section and see what is advertised for types of jobs and the income possibilities of those jobs.

Make a list of the health careers that are interesting to you. This is a starting point list and your thinking may change as you continue to look around. But now you want to see what people in different health careers are doing.

You want to see what people in these careers really do. There are several ways to go about this. You would be well to use more than one approach. Do you know someone in a health related job. For example, do you know a nurse or a nurse assistant? If so go talk to them and ask questions. It is wise to prepare ahead and write down specific questions to ask.

Another way to learn about health care jobs is contact a local hospital and see if you could take a tour. Explain that you are considering a medically related career and you would like to see what people do. Probably the nursing education department would be the best place to start your inquiry. However, you should explain that you would like to see several areas of health care services, not just nursing.

Some hospitals accept volunteers. However, because of patient confidentiality this is not as available in some areas as it once was. Many hospitals do not allow teenagers to help out in patient areas. However, volunteering at a hospital is an excellent way to get started in health care. It allows for an opportunity to get to know people in various areas of health care and ask and possibly get to see some of what they do.

Once you have some idea of the type of health care career you are interested in exploring, then it is time to find out what you need to do to pursue that career. First, check if there is a local place where you can get the training that you need. Often a community college will have a program for you. Start by requesting a catalog. This will explain the program, and what the admission requirements are. Most likely you will need to complete high school or at least a G.Ed.

Nursing programs are also available at community colleges and some colleges. There used to be a lot of hospital based nurse training programs. There are a lot less of those now a days, but there still are some. Some people feel hospital based nurse training programs are better, because they usually require more practical experience than do community or 4 year college programs.

Another consideration for health career training is the cost. As you explore the training programs you also need to consider the cost and how you will pay for the education.

So, in conclusion, there are many health career opportunities available to a person looking for a career in health care. To learn about some of them explore some of the health career resources suggested above.

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